The passionate and courageous among us—you and me included—expect a lot out of ourselves. We are a unique breed. We get to change the world.

But it sometimes feels like we carry the weight of the world. And sometimes it feels like no one would understand. I get it.

We lose perspective. We doubt ourselves. We hide. We fill our plate up even more. We forget what to focus on. We don’t know where to start.

My process is simple, but I would not call it easy. We will work together in one-on-one sessions. We’ll explore your life and business and what works and what doesn’t. You’re an entrepreneur, so you know that life and business intersect. And that’s where our work gets interesting. Many of the problems in your business can be addressed by looking at the stories your life is defined by—what is success and what is failure. Once we’ve identified these stories that drive your life, you can choose to keep the stories or let them go.

Going it alone may work for a time, but it will cost you a great deal in the long run—anxiety, isolation, wasted energy and time that you will never get back.

the courageous entrepreneur - 10 one-hour sessions - $2000

What you will experience in these 10 sessions together is clarity:

Of vision and purpose,

Of obstacles and opportunities,

Of identity and balance,

And an actionable plan.

(Spring special for $1400 through May 1, 2019! Save $600 and kickstart your year!)

I have started and run almost a dozen businesses and non-profits. And I’ve spent years in branding and marketing.

And there have been moments in each of these ventures where my striving stopped working and I needed a guide—someone who could offer fresh perspective on how to really thrive! I would get stuck, feel inadequate, suffer from Imposter Syndrome and eventually look for help. That time waiting was lost. Those dollars were lost.

I needed a mirror and a champion—a life coach—to help me find my inner voice and discover my own hidden insights. And you have all of that inside of you, waiting. I get to help you excavate all of that.

Coaching transformed me and I want to use it to transform others in their lives and businesses. I trained for hundreds of hours to become a Whole Person Certified Coach in 2018 in order to help fellow entrepreneurs discover the answers they have buried in themselves.

Our work together will be one part tactical and one part spiritual-emotional. They are connected. Being stuck means that there is something incongruent. There is a knot that needs to be untangled. We will untangle it together.

When you are ready to do the work, you’ll know. Just don’t wait for some supposed perfect window of opportunity. It doesn’t exist. And you’ll waste the most precious thing of all—your time. Money can be recovered, but time is lost forever. So don’t wait.

If you don’t think you’re quite ready, schedule a free phone call for us to discuss your goals and needs. That’s a free call that could give you some immediate clarity. So take me up on it.


why hire me as your coach?

You’re an entrepreneur, so you have learned to wear many hats and you can DIY your way through most things.

But you’re too close to all of it. It’s very difficult to see the forest for the trees.

You need a fresh set of eyes and ears. You need perspective—perspective that you can trust has been where you are at.

Perspective to help you take your next courageous steps forward.


Ryan is fully present and a deep listener. He was able to help me gain clarity around a key aspect of my business while also gently reminding me that I didn't need to have it all figured out before I started. He helped me give myself the permission to let things evolve as I do rather than letting my perfectionist stop me before I ever get started. - K. R.

Ryan is a great listener and cares deeply. He helped me find clarity and reach conclusions I hadn't even previously considered. Ryan's supportive style, fresh approach and eagerness to help his clients thrive was readily apparent in our work together. - T. G.